Mixed feelings surround the launch of the Blackberry Z30

by Andrew Roach on September 19, 2013

For years, Blackberry has put on lavish events to announce the launch of many of their newest devices which often included some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

But the pomp and circumstance has gone from their sails over the past year and the company have just announced their latest smartphone Z30 without even a whisper from the community.

The Z30 has been designed to be the most powerful smartphone on the Blackberry 10 system and looks to try and get back some of the ground lost to their rivals both on the domestic and international markets.

But the launch has been overshadowed by a Wall Street Journal report which suggested that the company could lay off 40% of its staff within the near future.

Blackberry will be hoping that they can keep most of the public’s attention on the Z30 which has actually been loaded with quite a lot of power.

After all, the Z30 will be powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core processor which will also have additional graphic units that will help it support graphics that are more suitable to be run on a quad-core processor.

On top of that, the device will have a 5 inch display and will be the first device that is loaded with the 10.2 version of Blackberry 10 operating system.

Although the Z30 has been met with a warm reaction, many people have been surprised by the WSJ report which suggested that the mass layoffs were likely happen by the end of the year.

It has been fairly common to read about job cuts at Waterloo over the past couple of months but there have been no suggestions to suggest that the firm were planning to resort to such desperate measures.

Unsurprisingly, Blackberry was quick to dismiss the accusations made in the report where they described the allegations as “rumours and speculation”.

Surprisingly, Canada won’t be the first market where the Z30 is launched as both the UK and the Middle East will be given priority and have release dates scheduled for next week.

Blackberry did say a Canadian release in on the cards in the near future but the Z30 will not be sold across the border in the US.

By not entering the US, it shows the problems Blackberry have encountered in the past few months with only the firm’s strongest markets actually being considered for the device.

With little or no fanfare surrounding the launch of the Z30, the cutbacks at Blackberry are clear to see but with the company headlines often being so negative, they might actually need the noise and flair occasionally to dissuade the critics and show that they still mean business.

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