Microsoft is Interested in Buying Your Smartphone and Tablet

by Istvan Fekete on September 20, 2013

It started with a limited buyback program allowing users to get a minimum $200 gift card if they traded-in an iPad at one of Microsoft’s stores. The latest and greatest promotion goes as far as offering up to $350 to put toward the cost of Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows Phones for trading in iPads, iPhones, and other devices.

It may sound like a smart move (or maybe a desperate attempt to lure Apple users): Microsoft is trying to convincing iPad users that returning to “good old” Windows is the best decision to make, especially when you get up to $350 for an iPad that you want to sell anyway.

The updated promotion isn’t limited to Apple gadgets: now you can trade in various phones, tablets and PCs, such as Samsung devices, BlackBerry handsets, and more, in order to receive a gift card. Also, it’s worth noting that the Microsoft Buyback promotion was launched on September 18, the same day that Apple released iOS 7 to the public.

According to the promotion’s frequently-asked questions, the buyback is open to anyone: all you need is a Microsoft Account ID, which can be obtained for free. Furthermore, the promotion is open to businesses as well, and you can now trade in multiple devices simultaneously and get a single quote for the value of those devices.

The final amount is calculated through a deal Microsoft has with Clover Wireless, a company providing private-label trade-in, buy-back, and repair services.

To enter the promotion you need to enter the details of the device you want to trade in. After receiving this information, Clover Wireless will give you an estimate of the value of these mobile devices, and the user gets instructions on how to package and mail in the devices with the use of a pre-paid shipping label.

What will happen to your old device? As the site states, Clover Wireless can refurbish and resell the devices, or donate them to charity.

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