Report reveals that Netflix has almost doubled Canadian subscriber base this year

by Andrew Roach on September 23, 2013

Media streaming has taken the world by storm over the last or two and no other company has benefitted from it as much as Netflix as their streaming platform takes over the world one country at a time.

Despite enjoying rapid growth, it seems that Canada has been one of their hottest markets as a report by the Media Technology Monitor found that the company’s membership base has virtually double over the last 12 months.

It also reckoned that this massive growth now means 25% of all English speaking Canadians have registered to Netflix since they launched in the country.

The MTM’s findings were based on several surveys that were initially carried out throughout of this year and involved over 2,000 participants.

As staggering the figures are, the most surprising thing is how quickly the service has expanded across the country in just one year.

This time last year, it was estimated that 13% of all English speaking Canadians had a Netflix subscription which is nothing compared to the 25% that was recorded this time around.

Netflix’s popularity has seemingly peaked at most in the west of the country where Saskatchewan and Alberta have the highest subscription rates at 40% and 31% respectively.

Indeed, the figures for subscriptions in Edmonton were the highest for all the major cities with its subscriber base now at 37%.

But aside from membership numbers growing, the service is also being used by most members on a regular basis with 84% of users saying that they had used the service to watch at least one movie a week.

Alongside that, families seemed to be the most popular audience for getting the service with 37% of parents revealing they had signed up to the service.

Its popularity was underlined by the fact that only 8% of users had felt that the service hadn’t been to their liking
and had either cancelled or not signed up after the free trial.

However, it was notable that there was still a lack of content on the service with 36% of users feeling that there wasn’t enough to watch on the platform and another 28% of users saying that it didn’t justify the monthly fees.

Despite the criticisms over the lack of content, the Netflix explosion has proven just how popular media streaming can be and that it is set to play a vital role in the communications industry for some time to come.

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