Motorola to move in on Blackberry’s territory with announcement of new Kitchener facility

by Andrew Roach on September 26, 2013

Over the past few months, Blackberry has announced massive redundancies at their Waterloo headquarters as they continued to try and reduce their overall spending levels.

These job cuts have left many Ontario residents asking about the sustainability of the tech industry around the area but any critics might be silenced following an announcement that Motorola are about to build a new development in the area.

The site, to be located in Kitchener, will be mainly dedicated to engineering and producing new ideas for the resurgent American mobile manufacturer.

Motorola has slowly got themselves back into the mobile industry over the last year following their take over from Google back in 2011.

The announcement of Motorola now having a presence in the Kitchener/Waterloo area has already been seen as a major boost for what is one of the most in-demand tech hubs in all of North America.

Google’s plans for the new facility will be specifically to develop and engineer new products for the mobile market including new apps and hardware for the mobile manufacturer.

Having been home to several top mobile companies over the last few years such as Blackberry and Kik Messenger, Waterloo and Kitchener has been a hotbed for talent and houses some of the biggest tech names in Canada.

In fact, the new Motorola site is just a few moments away from Google’s own Canada base in Waterloo and only a 10 minute drive to Blackberry.

But Google has made it clear that they aren’t trying to capitalise on Blackberry’s demise but are looking to benefit from the resources that are found in the region. This was emphasised by Derek Phillips, engineering director for Motorola Canada, who told the Financial Post that “we’re always looking for places where there’s lots of opportunity for growth and it’s not always easy to find places that have significant tech talent in a variety of areas, but especially mobile.”

Google have already started moving forward with their plans having already recruited a few staff members already that are temporarily based in a rented office near the site.

Despite some big names such as Blackberry struggling to stay afloat in the region, the arrival of Motorola and expansion of Google is a move that will keep the Kitchener-Waterloo firmly on the tech radar for some time to come.

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