Rogers and Sprint reveal plans to offer in-built Wi-Fi in personal vehicles

by Andrew Roach on September 27, 2013

Although Wi-Fi technology has expanded in many areas over the past few years, the idea hasn’t yet worked its way into our cars or vehicles to help us enjoy the web while on the road.

However, this could be all set to change as both Rogers and Sprint have revealed that they are working on developing a Wi-Fi network that will be included in personal vehicles.

This new technology would give drivers and passengers access to a high-speed internet connection whenever they are on the road.

The move is something that is likely to go down well with the public although road safety organisations are concerned about the potential distractions to drivers.

When the Wi-Fi scheme is finally ready, the networks have turned to the manufacturers to provide the technology rather than the networks itself.

Manufacturers and dealerships will provide a specially designed SIM card that will be able to establish and use the connection once it is inserted into the vehicle itself.

Once the SIM is inserted, it will automatically work with Sprint’s Velocity system and then access Rogers wireless network where users will then be able to surf the web and stream their favourites music or films during the journey.

It’s an idea that has yet to really take off in the automotive industry and will be something that Rogers vice president Mansell Nelson is keen to explore further over the next few days. This was underlined in comments made by Nelson to CBC where he stated: ““I think people are trying to figure out from an automotive context, or an in-car context, how you make these things relevant to what the person is doing in the car at that time.”

Both firms believe that the introduction of wireless technology into vehicles is likely to be one of the biggest markets in the new few years with over 100 million cars expected to be connected in just 3 years.

However, the idea has drawn some criticisms from road safety organizations who have revealed that they are concerned about the amounting number of distractions that drivers could face on the road.

With cell phones and other mobile devices seen as deadly devices on their own, the addition of a Wi-Fi network could just urge drivers on to use the web even more when behind the wheel. These views were highlighted by remarks made by

Canadian Automobile Association spokesman Ian Jack who told CBC: “Even voice-activated texting, where you speak and it converts it into a text message for you, is an area that we have concerns about. It’s not the fact that it’s technology, or that it comes in bits and bites, it’s what it does to you as the driver,

The system is still in its developmental phase and safety will undoubtedly be a big issue for Sprint and Rogers however the idea of having Wi-Fi in a vehicle is something that is not only desired in vehicles but is something that is virtually essential in today’s digital landmark.

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