Amazon Streaming TV another Bold Step towards Tech Dominance

by Matt Klassen on October 4, 2013

For several years now Amazon has been poised on the edge of the technology world, a company many have long thought would be a major competitor in this space. But aside from the company’s Kindle Fire tablet entry and its similar line of eReaders, the ecommerce giant has largely kept quiet. That is until now.

In fact, it looks like Amazon has been furiously developing projects in both the mobile and streaming television space, as in addition to the report yesterday that the ecommerce giant is working on two smartphone projects, analysts speculate that Amazon is quietly developing its own streaming television service that would work with the company’s flagship Kindle Fire HD tablet as well.

While a report from TechCrunch citing those familiar with Amazon’s plans was the impetus for yesterday’s news, today’s rumour about streaming television comes from a far more innocuous source, a trademark filing for something called ‘Firetube.’ If these rumours prove true, Amazon could quickly become the third member of a powerful tech triumvirate that currently includes Google and Apple, with all three looking to corner all tech sectors in a battle for your allegiance…and your money.

While speculation surrounding Amazon’s smartphone project has already been covered by my fellow writers at TheTelecomblog, news that Amazon may concurrently be developing its own streaming television service is certainly interesting, as its one of a few new tech frontiers for tech, with both Google and Apple developing their own such projects.

Reports about Amazon’s own set-top device to stream Internet content on television first surfaced earlier this year, with Bloomberg reporting in April that Amazon would launch its streaming product this fall, so the timing of this trademark filing for the ‘Firetube,’ has given fuel to the fire.

There are some, however, who speculate that this won’t be a traditional set-top box at all, but something more akin to Google’s Chromecast, which would allow users to stream content directly from their Kindle Fire tablet to their television. Given the name, ‘Firetube’—Kindle Fire meets the television—it’s as good a guess as any.

While we wait for confirmation of the myriad of rumours streaming out of Amazon this week one thing is abundantly clear, Amazon’s days of sitting on the sidelines of the tech industry are over. The ecommerce giant clearly recognizes that now is the time to get its products to market as consumers clamour for a third quality alternative. The only thing that remains to be seen is if consumers will embrace a company whose products are made with such a specific goal in mind, the goal of driving them towards Amazon’s e-retail store.

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