Rogers reveal that they will not be selling the Blackberry Z30

by Andrew Roach on October 4, 2013

Since Blackberry first burst onto the scene back in the late 90’s, they always have made a large shout over the release of any new devices

However, a lot has changed over the years and Blackberry’s demise across the world has seen a very mooted release for the new Z30 smartphone which Rogers, the largest network provider in the country, will not sell when it is released later this month.

The Z30 is due to be released later on in the month and it will become the first time that Canada’s largest mobile network has not stocked a Blackberry smartphone.

The new Z30 is set to be Blackberry’s most powerful smartphone carrying the new version of Blackberry 10 and also hosting a battery that can last up to 25 hours.

Rogers’ decision not to sell the Z30 is something that caught many people by surprise considering the close relationship between the two companies.

The carrier has always sold Blackberry phones and supported their products and also offered their HQ as the host venue for the Blackberry 10 launch event back in February.

There has been no word from Rogers as to what their reasons are behind the decision not to sell the Z30 which is already a device that won’t be sold in the US.

Despite an encouraging start, the new smartphones have slumped in popularity with many – particularly the Z10 – being shunned by consumers in favour of Android or Apple smartphones.

Although Rogers will not stock the Z30, many of the other major networks will sell the Z30 when it is released later on in the month including both Bell and Telus.

With the Z30 receiving a much more subtle push than many of its previous devices, Blackberry will hope that they still maintain some presence in the Canadian mobile market

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