Waterloo messaging giants Kik and Blackberry Messenger settle patent dispute

by Andrew Roach on October 8, 2013

The sprawling tech hub of Waterloo has been home to several of the mobile industry’s biggest names but none have matched the success that both Blackberry and Kik has had over the last few years.

Both companies have created messaging services that are widely used by mobile users across the world but the two local
rivals have been at loggerheads over the past couple of years over a patent dispute in which Kik Messenger was thought to have infringed software patents initially belonging to BBM.

However, after 3 years without making any progression in the courts, the two firms have finally managed to make an outside settlement which has ended the matter once and for all.

Although Blackberry Messenger has been around longer, rival Kik Messenger recently surpassed BBM in terms of overall users on smartphones and tablets.

There isn’t much surprise that the matter has been settled out of the courtroom after Blackberry failed to progress with their case after initially lodging a complaint back in 2010.

The smartphone manufacturer had claimed that Kik Messenger involved several patents belonging to Kik Messenger and that Kik’s found Ted Livingston used insider knowledge to help develop his own software.

However, the case was thrown out by the Federal Court on September 4th because of prejudice and the matter is now seemingly over with both sides coming to a private agreement between one another.

Although none of the terms have been revealed, Kik’s CEO and founder Ted Livingston was pleased with how the discussions went. This was revealed in comments made to the Financial Post where he stated: “We’re very happy with the way it was ultimately settled.”

Kik has grown considerably over the past few years and opening up their software to multiple systems has allowed the company to generate a userbase of 90 million people eclipsing the 60 million on Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry tried to unveil BBM onto both iOS and Android devices however a heap of technical issues have prevented the release which had been initially scheduled for two weeks ago.

As Blackberry’s future continues to overshadow the popular BBM service, it is likely that Kik will continue to increase the distance on their neighbours especially now that there is no legal action looming over their heads.

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