Rogers Wireless network hit by mass nationwide outage

by Andrew Roach on October 10, 2013

Rogers customers have spent much of last night without any network coverage after the carrier was hit by a mass outage affecting many parts of the country.

The problems have mainly affected anyone trying to use voice or messaging services on their smartphone or tablets.

Despite the actual cellular signals being out of action, many users have still been able to access the internet and any web-based apps.

It’s not the first time that Rogers has suffered a major outage this year as Ontario customers were hit by a similar problem back in January.

Unlike the January episode, this problem has spread beyond one province with users in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. all experiencing issues with their mobile connections.

It’s thought that the issues first cropped up at around 6.40PM ET where users in Ontario began to send reports of the network being unavailable on their smartphones.

Despite it being several hours since the problem first started, Rogers have yet to identify the cause of the problem and are still unsure when everything will be up and running again. This was clarified with a Twitter post from Rogers
which stated: “We are experiencing a wireless outage nationally affecting voice and some SMS services. We apologize & are working to resolve it ASAP.”

The mass blackout has not just affected Rogers customers though as its subsidiaries Fido and Chatr are also without any major connections.

With many people losing service, it has caused some problems for Rogers support services with their website actually going down at around 7:30PM ET due to the high number of users trying to get in contact with the company.

Not only that, but their support lines have also been inundated with calls and has led to some length delays as the firm tries to deal with the large number of callers dialling in throughout the evening.

Both Rogers and their customers will be hoping that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible so that they are able to carry on as they usually do when morning comes around.

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The problem was still ongoing at time of publication

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