We’re OK! Blackberry Attempts to Assuage Customer Concern

by Matt Klassen on October 17, 2013

Blackberry wants to assure its customers that despite the its recent bad press the company still has a future, no really it does. But with full credit to eCommerce Times writer Rachelle Dragani, you’ll have to forgive me if this doesn’t all seem a little like Monty Python’s Black Knight trying to convince King Arthur that despite being minus a limb (or four), “‘Tis but a scratch…I’ve had worse.”

In fact, in an effort to assuage the fears that Blackberry has been soundly beaten, earlier this week the company wrote an open letter to its customers, taking out full page ads in many major newspapers explaining that while the headlines don’t look good for the Waterloo company that the company still sees a viable future for its Blackberry brand…it just has to find a way to get there in one piece, I would guess.

While the ad was meant to remedy concern and clarify confusion, it’s hard to argue with the headlines the company has been confronted with, as billion dollar quarterly losses and courting financial consortiums over buyouts are not necessarily the way to rebuild confidence in the Blackberry name.

To be fair, the open letter—which appeared as a full page ad—did point to a number of strong points for Blackberry going forward, particularly the company’s debt-free status and its cash on hand, not to mention assets like its secure network and its promise to cut back on costs and improve efficiency.

As Dragani notes, “The letter highlights the strengths of BlackBerry’s mobile platform, including its productivity and data management capabilities for enterprise customers. It also points to its security, claiming it’s recognized as the most secure device, server and global network in the industry. The letter assures customers that the BBM messaging platform is the most robust mobile messaging service available and will only grow stronger following its upcoming launch on the Android and iOS platforms.” Take it for what you will.

But give credit where credit is due, Blackberry didn’t shy away from anything in its open letter to its remaining customers, as even taking out an ad is admitting the tough times the company has faced in light of the stiff competition and the market’s growing negativity towards the Blackberry brand. It acknowledges that Blackberry isn’t for everyone, but that it’s that uniqueness that offers a quality alterative to the incumbents, and ends with a slightly desperate plea for consumers to “continue to count on us.”

In fact, despite the headlines, perhaps there is something to Blackberry’s claim that all is not yet lost, as even some analysts agree that a silver lining exists in Blackberry’s very dark rain cloud. “While BlackBerry is in a strategic positioning battle, the firm is fundamentally sound,” noted Joseph Pastore, a business professor atPaceUniversity. “Good cash position combined with no debt is a powerful statement.” Now it just remains to be seen if such a statement resonates with anyone.

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