Telus suing cable channel AMC as cable network holds out for higher fees

by Andrew Roach on October 21, 2013

Over the past year or two, cable television has been blessed with some of the best shows on television with the likes of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men all drawing record viewing figures to the platform.

However, now the creators of those series have found themselves in the sights of Telus who are launching a lawsuit over a supposed contract dispute.

The Vancouver-based firm believes that AMC are deliberately holding out from renegotiating a deal to get higher fees from the carrier and have also sought early termination from the current contract.

At the moment, AMC and Telus have a deal which allows the channel to be aired on Telus’ cable service until the end of next year.

Much of the problems surrounding the case come as Telus believes that AMC are holding out and trying to get higher fees from cable providers as the channel waves a current wave of success.

AMC has seen record figures this year on their network as the finale of hit series Breaking Bad aired last month and zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead returned to screens.

Indeed, 16.1 million people in the US alone watched the premier of The Walking Dead last weekend making AMC one of the most popular entertainment networks on cable.

With this success in tow, AMC has looked to re-evaluate their worth and have been looking to renegotiate deals with several cable providers.

Having successfully earned themselves a better deal with Rogers, the network has tried using similar tactics with Telus which has caused the upcoming lawsuit to be filed.

Telus are adamant that AMC breached the contract between the two parties by seeking to end the agreement early without giving suitable notice or reasons for doing so.

It is also thought that part of the lawsuit was also to stop AMC from publishing a message during an episode of The Walking Dead that would have said that the service to the channel would soon be cut although nothing was ever aired during the show.

At the moment, AMC have declined to comment on the situation as they look to sort out the matter with the cable provider behind closed doors.

There is certainly no doubting AMC’s popularity right now and Telus will no doubt be eager to keep the channel on their cable service. Unfortunately, the dispute is quickly turning ugly and the boardroom shenanigans could ultimately leave 750,000 customers without some of their favourite shows if nothing is resolved in the near future and they will be the biggest losers out of all this drama.

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Hilton B October 22, 2013 at 5:20 pm

This presumes that TELUS will eat the increased charges AMC is proposing versus pushing those costs down to the consumer. If memory serves, last year Rogers didn’t lose much time bumping AMC into a special bundle that cost a bit more. AMC can afford to pay hardball. Sadly most customers would rather eat the increased bills than make a stand and potentially lose meth chemists, blood sucking zombies and advertising mavens from the 50’s. Mad Men and Low Winter Sun are also two popular AMC shows.

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