Mobile Data Management as the Future of Managing BYOD

by Istvan Fekete on October 25, 2013

BYOD has been adopted among almost all business, but with the integration comes the trouble: how to seamlessly integrate the devices into workplaces. What’s more important, though, is how to manage sensitive data without just securing those devices.

Speaking at the Mobile Enterprise Strategies Summit on Thursday, Jesus Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of KidoZen Inc., pointed to several issues related to the BYOD trend.

“When we look at the industry and how we got here with BYOD, we think about how we need to manage the devices,” Rodriguez said. “These days, everyone has a way to secure the devices. That’s off the chart.”

Since mobile device management is now even passé, the latest trend seems to be the mobile app management with industry heavyweights sitting up and taking notice. The next logical step after device management is app management on BYOD portables.

As he points out, companies such as Citrix Systems Inc. and AirWatch Inc. have already started launching app containers and other kinds of ways to prevent corporate data leaks in case an employee’s device is lost or stolen. From his perspective, mobile app management is a fixture of mobile device management platforms.

In the end, the company that views data as the real problem will become a real game changer, but it also depends on advances in mobile technology. “There’s a direct correlation between mobile maturity and the level of granularity in mobile solutions,” he said. “The level of granularity gets smaller and smaller. It wasn’t a problem before, but now it’s a huge issue.”

“For mobile data management, if you can apply management policies at the data level, all apps would be compliant, and all devices would be compliant,” Rodriguez said.

Essentially we are now in a race to see which company will finally step out and act as a middleman to enable management and security on not just mobile devices or mobile apps, but more importantly, mobile data, as mobile data management can be called the “crown jewel” of the enterprise mobile management industry.

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