CRTC wants viewers to hold social conferences to discuss the role of TV in our daily lives

by Andrew Roach on October 28, 2013

Television has long been a cornerstone of modern society as families for the past 60 years have considered it to be one of the most essential items to have in the home.

However, the digital revolution has seen the way we watch content change over the last couple of years and the CRTC are now turning to the public to help evaluate the future of television in society.

The communications regulator have now launched the “Let’s Talk TV” campaign in which viewers can hold a meeting with friends and family members to discuss how they watch content and report it back to the board.

This new idea is part of a broader review of the television network in Canada by the CRTC who are looking to reshape the industry in the wake of a more digital future.

Although the base idea is to get a general overview of the industry, there are some trends that the CRTC are keen to observe in households.

Understandably, there is going to be a lot of focus about how many households have cable and to see whether more people are sticking to free-to –air content or opting to have all premium channels.

There is also an eagerness to see about whether people are streaming content on platforms such as Netflix or whether they are just waiting for new episodes to appear as they are scheduled by the networks.

These two matters have caused providers with a lot to think about with cable subscriptions dropping in the past few months and the rise of internet-based services skyrocketing in popularity across the country.

Aside from those matters, the CRTC has also encouraged viewers to either write or phone in with some of their biggest complaints about television as the review looks to address the problems with the industry as well as adapt it for the digital age.

The CRTC are hoping that by getting the opinions of viewers themselves, it will help ensure that TV remains an important part of Canadian life for years to come. This was underlined in the campaign’s press release where the regulator states: “Canadians are entitled to an open, diverse and affordable television system that is responsive and forward-looking, a system that provides us with the best of what Canada has to offer alongside the very best international content.”

Viewers will have until November 22 to air their views to the CRTC and help be part of strategy that will help the country’s media at the forefront of the modern lifestyle.

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RogersSarah October 28, 2013 at 10:39 am

Sarah from the Rogers Social Media team here.

Rogers fully supports changes to the current television model.

We agree there should be more choice and flexibility for consumers and have been advocating for change for several years so we can deliver what customers want.

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