Wireless safety panel draws heated responses during public forum

by Andrew Roach on October 29, 2013

The issue over whether radiation from wireless devices has been one that has split the scientific and technological industries in half over the past 20 years with there being strong arguments for and against the issue.

With wireless devices now playing such a prevalent part of daily life, a scientific panel from the Royal Society of
Canada are looking into the issue on behalf of Health Canada and held a public forum on Monday so that consumers could air their views on the matter.

Although there was a mix of views, a couple of groups took the occasion to publicly accuse health Canada of getting in the way and interfering with the study.

The forum was part of a larger study by the RSC who were looking into the matter to help Health Canada update and review their current guidelines to accommodate all the latest scientific research.

By far the biggest talking point of the conference came from a speech by former Microsoft Canada boss Frank Clegg who, as part of the Canadians for Safe Technology firm, believes that the government are interfering with the process to get the results they want.

During the speech, Clegg accused them of affecting the study in several ways including choosing which researchers were on the panel and what sort of information they would like to see in the final report.

Clegg maintained that the process would be biased and any involvement from the body would ultimately taint the final results. This was emphasised in comments that he made in a news conference after the event stating to the press: “I think the process is fundamentally flawed.”

Despite the criticism from Clegg, Health Canada has pressed on with their review which looks to refresh the guidelines that were first created back in 1979.

Since then, the Royal Society has regularly been involved that the guidelines are still up to date in accordance with latest scientific studies with reviews having taken place in 1999 and 2009.

The review investigation will continue to be open until the end of the week which is when the final report will be put together and given to Health Canada.

It’s likely that there will be nothing new added to the current guidelines but the findings will help give the public piece of mind that the devices they use on a daily basis won’t lead to any health problems later on in life.

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