Business executives concerned over levels of IT skills in new workers

by Andrew Roach on November 12, 2013

With many companies now embracing the digital revolution, there has never been a greater need for modern workers to have strong IT and computer skills.

However, a new survey by IT training body CompTIA has found that many senior business executives are concerned about the skill levels of newly trained candidates entering the workforce.

Many business owners are concerned as many firms are preparing for more experienced IT personnel familiar with current practices to retire over the next few years.

The survey was part of a larger study looking at how companies across Canada were planning to factor in IT in their long term visions for their business.

By far the most staggering results to come out of CompTIA’s findings is that nearly 90% of all executives felt there was some sort of IT gaps in their current organization.

On top of that, 38% of respondents felt that the problem was so bad that it was ultimately affecting the output of both staff and the company itself.

At the moment, many top companies have looked to their more experienced staff to look after IT matters training them up to be familiar with all the latest breakthroughs and systems at their disposal.

The problem for companies isn’t the fact that many younger candidates are poorly trained but rather that there is a shortage of people looking to enter into the industry.

With digital communications giant Nortel no longer in existence and Blackberry struggling to survive, it has put many
Canadian students off entering a career in the technology industry. This was something that CompTIA’s director of skills development Denise Woods-Goldstein has said is a major turnoff telling CBC that “There is still that myth out there with the younger generation with a couple of things: No. 1 — If I go into technology I’ll end up at a computer in the back somewhere and don’t get to talk to anybody.”

However, many companies are still looking to increase their IT uses over the coming year despite the potential skills gap with 75% of all respondents looking to increase their IT output over the next 12 months.

There’s no doubt that IT services play a big role in any major company across the country and having the right personnel to manage the systems is extremely important for running an efficient outfit.

It means that executives will need to act on their fears now and ensure that new recruits are properly prepared when they enter into a company for the first time in order to prevent themselves from being caught out at a later date.

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