Mobile Companies Scramble to Produce Curved Screen Smartphones

by Matt Klassen on November 12, 2013

Curved is quickly becoming the new form factor in the mobile world, as companies scramble to get their own paradigm bending curved screen smartphones to market. In fact, following the announcement of Samsung’s eye-catching Galaxy Round last month, it seems that almost every major player in the mobile market is now rumoured to have something similar in development, including Apple.

Of course what would Apple be without the constant stream of tantalizing rumours? A company who copies Samsung, of course, but I digress…. According to Bloomberg, a source with knowledge of the development process has leaked the news that Apple is currently building two new curved screen offerings for next year, with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens respectively.

Further, news is that LG is offering its own larger-than-life curved screen phablet as well, the G Flex, sporting a massive 6-inch screen; both serving as evidence that curved screen technology may well be the mobile wave of the future…now if only there was some demand for it.

As some of us furrow our brows in a vain attempt to comprehend this new curved screen fad one thing is becoming abundantly clear, mobile manufacturers may have maxed out the functionality of the smartphone. Just think, why else would mobile companies be tinkering with the external form factor of their gadgets? The answer, in a word, is because the technology on the inside has likely plateaued.

With companies unsure of where the functionality of a smartphone can and will go next—and with no companies seemingly willing or able to explore the farther reaches of this ubiquitous mobile technology—its evident that form is the new area of “deep research for all hardware manufacturers.”

In fact, look no further than the only curved smartphone we’ve seen so far, the Galaxy Round, as evidence of how this form bending change will come to fruition: exactly the same interior wrapped in a nicely curved package. Given this, its enough make me wonder about the growing Apple rumours, as although I have little doubt Apple will produce some sort of curved screen device, I also have little doubt that the phone(s) we’ll see next year will be nothing more than an iPhone 5S wrapped in a newly curved package.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little skeptical about the tech industry’s Malibu Stacy marketing strategy, as while a curved screen may give more surface area without substantially increasing the overall dimensions of the product, its really nothing more than a gimmick to sell us the same phone we already own…just with a new hat.

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