Huawei reveals plans to increase presence in Canada

by Andrew Roach on November 14, 2013

With Canada being home to some of the most cutting-edge electronic products over the past decade, it has seen many international companies set up large facilities all over the country.

The booming mobile industry has particularly taken off over the last few years and it seems that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei is set to be the latest big name to have a large presence in the country.

The Chinese company has announced that they plan to increase operations at the Canada Research Centre in Ottawa and will plan to spend $600m over the next 5 years.

Huawei has already maintained a moderate profile in Canada over the past few years having initially settled in the nation’s capital back in 2010 spending $80m on several R&D projects.

Much of the new work in Canada will be dedicated into exploring 5G networks and how they may be interlinked with new mobile products over the next few years.

The smartphone manufacturer is estimating that 5G products could create data speeds that are hundred times faster than what is capable on modern 4G networks.

It’s understood that Huawei are already developing the base principles needed to get 5G technology beyond the initial stages of development and the firm hopes to complete their work by 2018.

This will put the Chinese firm in direct competition with other big names in the mobile market including Samsung and Ericsson who are also both in the research stage of understanding 5G products.

Despite the companies getting an early start on 5G networks, the new technology isn’t expected to be ready until 2020 when it is available to most of the world.

Huawei’s research in Canada won’t just be restricted to their base in Ottawa as the company is also looking to partner up with several universities across the country in a bid to carry out further research.

This move has been met with much excitement from students across the country with many feeling that it could be a massive opportunity to get a head-start into the tech industry. This was underlined in a comment made in the company’s press release where Ottawa fellow Wen Tong stated: “Huawei has put a tremendous R&D effort in 5G research and innovation.”

Huawei’s decision to significantly increase their output in Canada shows that the country’s technological sector is one of the most thriving industries in the world and that it likely going to be one of the world’s hottest regions for new technologies for the foreseeable future.

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