Where will Blackberry’s redundant staff go now?

by Andrew Roach on November 18, 2013

Blackberry’s escalating problems are quite visible to the public eye none more so than the mass redundancies in Waterloo where the company has axed a third of its staff over the past few months.

These layoffs have come across the board at the company leaving many people in the town wondering where their careers will head next.

With Waterloo being one of the biggest tech hubs throughout the whole country, many of the other big names in the area could look to go on a recruitment drive to pick up experienced personnel looking for work.

To help matters, a job fair was recently held in the city to present the options available to those in the area who lost their jobs but what options are there now for former Blackberry employees?

The special job fair presented an opportunity for former workers at the smartphone firm to find new opportunities in and around the area with a wide selection of different businesses attending the event looking to advertise their services.

Over 700 people attended the event last Friday which was sponsored by tech recruitment firm Communitech who are one of the firms that have been allocated the tasks of finding new roles for former Blackberry employers.

Many of the attendees at the event have acknowledged that they face a relatively tough task trying to find a job after so many redundancies as of late but are still willing to try and showcase their skills to prospective employers. This was emphasised by visitor Paula Hossack who told the Financial Post: “I’ve been sending out resumes like crazy, but I can’t just sit and expect something is going to come from that.”

The job fair was seen as a vital for Waterloo to retain its skilled workforce as many people face potential offers from companies in Toronto, the rest of Canada and even in the US.

This has been a problem that Communitech are aware of and they have hoped that the convention will show that workers don’t need to stray too far in their quest to get some work. This was highlighted by comments made by the firm’s director of the Blackberry program Karen Gallant who told the Canadian Press that “We want to keep the talent here in Canada and not send them to Silicon Valley or anywhere like that.”

Of course, there are other options for experts in the technology field to land a job with both Google and Motorola expanding their presence in the area over the next year or so presenting mass opportunities for those with experience in the tech sector.

Although Blackberry’s demise has affected many people in the community, it seems that there are still plenty of options in Waterloo for those with experience in the tech sector and should help keep the Ontario city as one of the most thriving tech hubs in the entire country.

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