Incumbents Polish Policies for December 2 Wireless Code Compliance

by Istvan Fekete on November 20, 2013

All the major Canadian wireless players have announced that when the new Wireless Code takes effect on December 2, 2013, they will be ready. This, however, doesn’t come as a surprise, since all carriers are expected to strictly follow the rules set out by the CRTC based on communication with consumers and wireless players.

As a result, all three carriers will need to scrap 3-year contracts and implement 2-year versions. As the players point out, they have also implemented SMS notifications to ensure users don’t exceed their monthly data plans.

The new wireless code also expects to limit domestic and roaming charges to $50 and $100 respectively, and to unlock purchased phones for a reasonable fee without the need to wait. Furthermore, under the wireless code, phones purchased on contract can be unlocked after 90 days for a “reasonable rate”, and carriers need to provide a contract with easy-to-understand language, and to cancel a service without waiting 30 days. What’s more important, there will be no extra cancellation fees to pay, just the amount remaining of the phone’s subsidy.

Telus posted a lengthy press release recently, in which the company details the steps taken to comply with the new Wireless Code. According to their “Customer First” approach, the company eliminated extra fees for system access and carrier 911 services on all their Clean and Simple rate plans back in November 2009, and started providing easy and inexpensive device unlocking after 90 days in February 2011.

By the end of November, Telus will have made several modifications to its policies and procedures and will have implemented domestic and international data blocks and notifications at $50 and $100 respectively.

Meanwhile, several provinces have taken the initiative and produced a new bill that aims to strengthen consumer confidence, because as Consumer Services Minister Tray MacCharles has pointed out, when consumers are confident, it helps the marketplace.

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