New study shows that social networks are acting as job marketplaces for many Canadians

by Andrew Roach on November 21, 2013

For most of us, social networks have acted primarily as a way to keep in contact with friends and family whenever we are at home or not seen them in a long while.

However, a new survey has shown that social networks are also starting to influence our professional lives too with nearly 40% of Canadians receiving a job offer via the digital platforms.

Many people have been contacted through sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn about a possible opportunity to enhance their career or begin a new role.

The results were part of a larger study conducted by American HR firm Kerry Services who looked at online job responses from markets across the world.

In the study, it showed that 39% of Canadian respondents had been contacted about work at some point through a social network of some kind.

It seems like the idea has had some success with 14% of respondents revealing that they had been hired after contact was made on sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Although social networks still are aimed at a personal audience, many of the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to create specific pages for business purposes and find opportunities from there.

It seems that the idea of finding a job through social networks is well supported as 60% of Canadians revealed that they supported the idea and that it could well be helpful to not just them but also friends or family.

There was almost identical success in the US where again 39% of all participants revealed that they had received job offers through social networks at some point.

However, these response figures were still some way behind the poll’s leading nation Brazil where a staggering 74% of all respondents revealed that they had been offered a job on Facebook or Twitter within the past year.

It certainly shows just how much social networks have opened up more paths to internet users and how having a digital presence online can help boost someone’s chances of landing a job. This was emphasised by Michael Webster, executive vice president of the Americas branch of Kelly Services who told The Globe and Mail: “Social media is rapidly revolutionizing the recruitment process because it broadens the access to an enormous pool of candidates.”

As social media continues to play an integral part of our daily lives, it seems like that they could give a significant boost to our professional lives as well as enhancing our personal lives on a daily basis.

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