New firm gaining notoriety as they seek to protect Nortel’s legacy with series of patent lawsuits

by Andrew Roach on November 26, 2013

When Nortel went under a few years ago, it left a giant hole in the communications market which gave many of their rivals an opportunity to fill and grow their business.

This meant that the likes of Google and Apple were free to try offer similar services to try and win over their customers but while they were doing this, a new company made up from former Nortel staff were preparing themselves to launch a fight to keep Nortel’ s legacy intact in the communications industry.

Now, Ottawa-based firm Rockstar are launching legal cases against several of the biggest names in the tech industry as they claim that the likes of Google and Samsung are breaching patents that were initially owned by the former Canadian giant.

The issue over the problem is that the companies are using technology originally created by Nortel but have failed to pay the licensing fees needed to Rockstar so that the firms can use them commercially.

When the cases were filed back on October 31, it marks the first time that the intellectual property venture has taken on several of the biggest names in the industry since winning the rights for Nortel’s intellectual property in 2011.

In Rockstar’s claims, they have accused different companies of breaching different infringements claiming that Google’s ability to match adverts to a user’s search was a technique first developed by Nortel several years ago.

Alongside that, the Samsung case is referring to technology that has been used in several of their recent products including both the Galaxy smartphone and tablets.

The move by Rockstar has caught the eyes of many in the communication with the company having targeted the main rivals of the company’s backers which includes Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry.

Despite targeting their main rivals, US legislation has prevented them from having any say on Rockstar’s actions as it is a federal law to prohibit them from influencing any moves made by the Ottawa firm.

With Rockstar now starting their quest to protect Nortel’s assets, it means that the former communication giant will once again have an impact on the tech scene even if the company itself is long gone.

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