CWTA Adds Ericsson As New Program Ambassador for Wireless AMBER Alerts

by Istvan Fekete on November 27, 2013

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has announced that it will be promoting Ericsson as a new Program Ambassador for the Wireless AMBER Alerts program. By signing up all corporate cell phones to the program, Ericsson Canada has become an important part of a growing network of supporters.

“Ericsson is a proud ambassador of the Wireless AMBER Alerts program and as an advocate of using technology for good, is committed to supporting our community and the safety of society’s youngest citizens,” states Mark Henderson, President, Ericsson Canada Inc. “New technology advancements in mobile broadband services are now more than ever playing a vital role in emergency situations.”

“CWTA is exceptionally pleased by the leadership shown by Ericsson in its support of the Wireless AMBER Alerts program,” said Bernard Lord, President & CEO of CWTA. “Ericsson’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of Canadian children is truly exemplary, and we hope more companies will take the time to sign up for the program.”

Ericson Canada joins Air Canada, HP Advanced Solutions Inc., PBC, Pivot Point, and Shaw as program ambassadors. Wireless AMBER Alert helps law enforcement agencies to provide up-to-date information immediately as a child abduction case meets the AMBER criteria, and solicits the public’s help in the safe return of Canada’s youngest citizens.

The program is run with the help of participating carriers, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and other agencies countrywide.

Those who are willing to participate in the program can sign up for free simply by entering their wireless phone number and will receive a four-letter PIN code as a text message. Their phone numbers will only be used to deliver Wireless AMBER alerts.

The AMBER program was launched back in 2010 in Canada. In the US, AMBER Alert has proven to be very effective: it has helped save the lives of 672 children nationwide. AMBER alerts Canada announced that more than 25,000 Canadians have so far signed up for the program.

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