New survey shows Blackberry’s growing popularity in Africa

by Andrew Roach on November 28, 2013

Although Blackberry has fallen behind many of its rivals in the telecom market, it is still a household name in many parts of the world considering its past fame.

This reputation has meant that some people still follow the brand and a new survey has revealed that the struggling smartphone manufacturer is actually still a top seller in countries across Africa.

Results from a poll by South African based World Wide Worx have found that the company has a 23% share of the market in the country beating other top names such as Samsung and Android.

Africa has remained an important market for Blackberry where many of their older devices are still in high demand in a region where older phones still regularly top the best-selling lists.

The figures will come as a surprise to many readers as the struggling manufacturer has managed to remain popular despite the company’s falling popularity in other regions across the globe.

Many of the respondents in the survey had been attracted to BlackBerry phones thanks to low data plans and the ability to talk to friends for free over BBM.

The survey backs up the results of other results made by other companies with IDC finding that the Waterloo based company had control of 18% of the entire continental phone market back in Q2 of this year.

According to the South African study, only Nokia have a greater control of the market in South Africa at the moment thanks to the popularity of their older models.

However, Blackberry’s growth in the region isn’t expected to be short-lived as the study found that the smartphone pioneer’s presence in the country could grow to 29% as Blackberry 10 smartphones become more prevalent in the region.

This will no doubt be helped by the fact that many of BlackBerry’s smartphones are still a hit with younger users with 57% of university and college students currently using their smartphones.

If Blackberry continues to have such high demand in South Africa and other parts of the continent, it could prove to be a massive opportunity for the company to help turn things around and help them stay as a top smartphone manufacturer despite their struggles in other parts of the world.

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Matt Klassen November 28, 2013 at 4:31 pm

Unfortunately all this shows is that Blackberry is popular in burgeoning markets that employ antiquated mobile technology. When Africa expands from 3G into 4G Blackberry will likely be once again left in the dust, wandering the earth in search of the next emerging market. Not really the sustainable growth the company wants…and needs.

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