Samsung Eyes Biometrics For Next-Generation Flagship Handsets

by Istvan Fekete on November 28, 2013

Shortly after Apple announced the iPhone 5s with Touch ID, and built the first desktop class 64-bit A7 SoC into the device, Samsung reacted by saying that its next-generation high-end handsets would likely incorporate 64-bit chips. But until now biometrics have remained untapped. A new Samsung patent, however, has spurred rumours of a possible new feature coming to next-generation Galaxy S handsets – eye recognition.

Although we are still months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the blogosphere has already started its guesswork regarding possible new features of Samsung’s flagship device. The company is apparently busy marketing its recently released Galaxy Gear smartwatch – which, by the way, received lukewarm ratings, as the majority of reviewers agree that it’s an unfinished product – with some sort of success: the latest numbers publicized by the company claim that 800,000 devices have been sold.

However, the tech world seems to be more interested in what new features Samsung has planned for the Galaxy S5 as the two-horse race with Apple continues. With Apple’s Touch ID on the market – which has been flagged by the tech world as a great addition to the handset – biometrics have made their way into mobile handsets, it appears. Apple targeted the finger, and Samsung is apparently targeting the eye.

Samsung has already tested the idea of linking the human eye with smartphone usage. A recent patent filing spotted by the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, however, shows that the South Korean manufacturer has taken the technology one step further and plans to use it for authentication in Samsung devices.

“The iris has unique patterns whose number is larger than that of the fingerprint…and…is being evaluated as a biometric identification technology more advanced than a fingerprint or retina scanning technology,” Samsung’s filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office said.

But the competition is heating up: Sony has recently filed a patent for a “smart wig”, a wearable computer in the form of a wig, and Google has applied for a patent for an electronic tattoo.

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