Study reveals the increasing divide between young and old tech users

by Andrew Roach on December 4, 2013

It’s become a classic stigma in society that the older you get, the less in touch you become with modern technology and devices that emerge in the world.

Well, a new report is seemingly proving this to be true as it found out that users under the age of 33 were much more likely to use and own a smartphone than those over the age of 40.

Indeed, many of the younger users were also much more likely to use their smartphones or communicating with friends and accessing the web than what older users were.

The survey was carried by Media Technology Monitor and looked at how users aged 18-67 used smartphones and other mobile devices in everyday life.

One of the standout facts about the survey is just how far the divide has become with younger users dominating the stats and being twice as likely to use modern tech as older users.

After all, around 60% of users aged from 18-34 revealed they would use their smartphones to send emails and access social network sites on a regular basis compared to just 30% of users in the 38-67 category.

It was a similar case for streaming content on mobile devices where the figures showed that twice as many youngsters watch content on their mobiles rather than older users.

However, there was also surprising divides within the younger users as the report found that users under the age of 24 (known as Gen X) were much more proficient with technology than older users in the group (Gen Y).

These divides were particularly clear when it came to streaming content on mobile devices where Gen Z users watched an astonishing average of 9.7 hours a week on services such as Netflix compared to just 6.6 hours in users from Gen Y.

The results show just how far society has changed and the researchers believe that the figures reveal that the different technology trends reflect on the different attitudes of generations in modern society. This was highlighted by the report’s author Jenny Meadows who reflected on this in an interview with CBC stating: “They want things instantaneously. They want to be able to consume where they want, when they want.”

Despite technology trying to cater for everyone’s needs, it seems that the common stigma that younger users are more in touch with emerging technologies is one that is accurate and true even in a time where all of us rely on digital devices in our daily lives.

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