WIND Mobile announces participation in Mobilicity sale auction

by Andrew Roach on December 5, 2013

During the last spectrum auction in 2008, WIND Mobile and Mobilicity both started out as they looked to become the next big telecom firm in the country.

5 years down the line and Mobilicity have found themselves at the end of the line with the company being put up for sale and fellow newcomers WIND have revealed that they are one of the company that are involved in the bidding process.

The announcement was made by WIND CEO Anthony Lacavera on Wednesday as the company looks to expand its growing wireless and LTE networks across the country.

All of Mobilicity’s assets were put up for sale last month and bidders had until Monday to formally declare to the courts that they were participating in the upcoming auction.

Having struggled themselves over the past couple of years, WIND’s fortunes have turned around slightly since the start of the year and the company are now looking to expand some areas of the business.

The network is particularly keen to expand their LTE capabilities across the country as more and more smartphones become compatible with the faster network speeds.

It’s believed that WIND will be keen to get their hands on Mobilicity’s spectrum licenses which would certainly help the carrier move forwards with their expansion plans pose more of a threat to the Big Three networks.

When making his statement, Lacavera seemed quietly confident that the company would be able to get something out of the process and help grow even more heading into 2014. During his announcement, Lacavera told the press: ““Right now given all the policy decisions by the government and all the realities of Mobilicity, we are in the process and have a real shot at finally achieving a consolidated new entrant platform”.

WIND are one of the first companies to publicly announce that they are taking part in the process with speculation growing as to which other firms will be involved in the auction.

Many people will be interested to see whether Telus will have any involvement in the bid as the firm had a proposed takeover of Mobilicity rejected by the federal review board back in June.

With the Mobilicity auction set to move on to the next stage, it’s likely that several more companies will announce their roles in due course as WIND and other telecom companies look to capitalise on the downfall of a rival provider.

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