Blackberry locked in fierce battle to retain many of its larger corporate clients

by Andrew Roach on December 6, 2013

Blackberry’s struggles over the past year has seen the company become a regular fixture in business headlines week after week as many people guess about the current state of the company.

Behind the discussions about the general state of the company, the company has been locked in a separate battle for months as they look to try and retain exclusive deals with many large companies to use their devices for communication.

However, it has been a long-winded effort and the company’s failure to turn around their poor finances has seen several big domestic and international clients end exclusive deals with the company.

The revelations come just a couple of days after the Waterloo based firm revealed new upgrades and tweaks to their Enterprise system which many of their corporate clients use on a day-to-day basis.

These new changes in the system have been done to try and significantly reduce the costs for firms who have a large number of devices assigned to the Blackberry network and used on a regular basis.

It was a much needed update for the smartphone manufacturer to make after several clients had felt that the platform had been too expensive to use in the past.

Indeed, the high costs and the uncertainty of the company’s future have seen the company lose several exclusive deals over the past year with the Royal Bank of Canada and the US Department of Defense both choosing to end their agreements with the company.

Although both organizations still use Blackberry devices for some areas of the business, it has allowed for rival ventures such as Samsung and AirWatch to move in on Blackberry’s turf and make life even more difficult for the company.

To try and make amends, Blackberry does also now offer support for iPhone and Android devices too and the switch seems to have paid off with some of their international clients having renewed deals in recent weeks.

Both Grohe and Mitsubishi Motors Deutschland extended their exclusive deals with Blackberry helping the company to maintain a strong presence in Europe where the smartphone manufacturer still enjoys some of its biggest successes.

The tweaks and updates have helped Blackberry claw back some of the ground that they lost to their rivals in the commercial sector over the past year but the firm will need to keep improving on this if they are to stop more of their rivals stealing their business over the next few years.

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