July marks the end of three-year wait as anti-spam laws come into effect nationwide

by Andrew Roach on December 9, 2013

Several years ago, the federal government came up with a series of legislations and guidelines to combat online spam and malware problems only for the bill to never officially get the green light.

After three years of waiting though, the bill will finally come into effect next year as Industry Minister James Moore confirmed that the laws would come into effect from July 1, 2014.

The law had been delayed as several parties from the industry negotiated and lobbied against the anti-spam bill in fear that it could harm the online security market.

Once in effect, the new laws will force any companies advertising online to meet the criteria set out by the government or face large fines for breaching the rules.

Contrary to rumours that have gathered over the past couple of years, the aim of the law isn’t to prevent online advertising in any ways and companies can still send promotional e-mails to their customers.

The guidelines allow for informative emails about products such as recall information to subscribers or new updates to any customers without any hindrance or disruption.

Instead, the law is designed to prevent any emails or sites from running phishing scams or running links that lead to sites that contain known malware.

On top of that, all chain newsletters and e-mails will also need to clearly state ways for users to unsubscribe from that mailing service in order to prevent them from receiving unsolicited messages online in the future.

At the moment, it’s thought that online spam is costing the Canadian economy nearly $3bn every year and is one of the most costly digital problems that the country has faced in recent times.

Some experts believe that the laws are badly needed in the country and that the launch will help Canada move forward as a global power. This was highlighted in comments made by The Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s executive director
John Lawford who told The Canadian Press: “Consumers and citizens will now be better able to decide for themselves whether and how they will engage with companies using electronic means for commercial messages.”

With the anti-spam laws finally getting the green light, it shows that consumers are now starting to have much more impact on what advertising they want to receive and help cut out any misleading and unnecessary content from slipping through the net in years to come.

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