Bieber snub revelation shines light on missed Blackberry opportunities

by Andrew Roach on December 10, 2013

It seems like a lifetime ago when Blackberry were one of the must-have devices in the market considering that the manufacturer is now fighting for it’s very survival.

The firm’s repeated financial losses could be attributed to some of its downfall but some new revelations from a Bloomberg piece about the company’s past showed that some of the decisions made by management may not have helped their cause in the slightest.

In past interviews with former executives at the company, it has been revealed that the company allegedly shot down
the idea of having music superstar Justin Bieber as a spokesperson and also ridiculed the idea of the iPhone being a serious rival in the market.

Bloomberg’s feature looked at interviews and testimony with senior staff at the company over the past decade and revealed more light on what went on behind the scenes at the smartphone pioneer during the early part of the century.

Out of all the surprises to emerge from the story, the idea to dismiss Justin Bieber as a celebrity endorser is seemingly one that has seemed to cause the most shock.

The incident is believed to have occurred back when the music superstar’s career just took off with the singer apparently suggesting that he would promote all of Blackberry’s products in a deal worth $200,000.

Rather than going with a singer that had an entire army devoted to his life, Blackberry management supposedly saw his as just a “fad” and dismissed the idea. This incident was highlighted by the company’s former senior business manager Vincent Washington who stated in the article: “ They basically threw us out of the room. They said, “This kid is a fad. He’s not going to last.” I said at the meeting: “This kid might outlive RIM.” Everyone laughed.”

Despite the company eventually landing Alicia Keys as one of their main ambassadors, Blackberry could’ve missed a huge opportunity with Bieber given his success and childhood within Canada and the deal may have helped sway millions of teenagers across the world into choosing a Blackberry rather than any other smartphone.

Indeed, Blackberry’s arrogance has also seen them disregard other rivals that have since outsold their devices with the iPhone particularly being underestimated by senior staff at the company.

It’s believed that Blackberry saw Apple’s smash hit as nothing but a “consumer toy” that the public wouldn’t have interest in rather than being the best-selling device that we know it as today.

With the emergence of some of these stories, it will cast further shadows over what contributed to the downfall of Blackberry and continue to add more misery to a firm that is a mere shadow of it’s former self.

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