Phablets expect to overtake tablets in sales by the end of 2014

by Andrew Roach on December 13, 2013

Over the past couple of years, tablets have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity putting them at the top of Christmas wishlists for kids and adults alike.

However, this could be all set to change over the next year or so as phablets could overtake them in overall sales figure across the globe.

A new survey by Deloitte Canada reckons that phablets will soon equate for nearly ¼ of all smartphone sales as more and more companies start producing the devices.

Over the past couple of years, phablet ranges have popped up from numerous manufacturers with the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Nexus being two of the top selling models.

It’s an interesting claim made by the company but it’s one that makes sense when you start looking at the numbers being predicted for the next 12 months.

Deloitte estimate that 300 million phablets will be sold around the world next year which is estimated to bring smartphone manufacturers a whopping $125bn in sales figures.

This is a massive jump over tablets with Deloitte expecting figures of around $100bn which would see phablets overtake their larger cousins for the first time since they come into existence.

Although tablets are set to remain popular, they are too large to act as a mobile phone which is what has helped phablets maintain their popularity as they can double up as a smartphone.

With many companies making their smartphones larger each year, it’s not surprising to see phablets – which average a screen size of 5in – look to bring the best of both worlds to keen customers.

Their larger screens has also helped users think of alternative ways to use the devices with mobile gaming and media streaming helping widen the appeal of phablets to all audiences.

By blending the features of both tablets and smartphones, senior figures at Deloitte aren’t too surprised at what they saw in the predictions. This was highlighted in a statement by Deloitte analyst Duncan Stewart who told CBC: “People are either talking less and willing to buy bigger phones, or they buy bigger phones and start talking less.”

With phones such as the Galaxy Note series topping bestseller lists each and every year, it seems there is no stopping the phablet craze in 2014 as they quickly become the world’s favourite consumer device.

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