New app could let users access and use their smartphones without touching the device

by Andrew Roach on December 20, 2013

Whenever we leave home, making sure that we have our smartphone at hand is one of the first things we check to ensure that we can pass the day without losing touch with our favourite things.

It can be a disaster then when either we forget the device or the battery dies when out and about however a new app could put all our fears to rest.

Montreal based firm Pplconnect have developed an app which can allow us to use our smartphones without even having to have the device in hand.

Instead of using the physical device, users can access any saved data and send messages from either a tablet or PC.

On launch, the beta version of the app will give users the opportunity to carry out many of the basic functions such as making calls and sending messages from any other electronic device.

They can do this by using a virtual smartphone server which can save all the data via Chrome transporting all the necessary data someone may need.

To make phone calls, the app uses VoIP technology to dial numbers over the internet meaning that customers won’t need to worry about using up all their minutes when using the app.

Despite using the web to make phone calls, messages are still sent via the standard SMS technique which will count towards their allocated amount each month.

By finding a way to help users still use a smartphone without having it in their hand, the app’s developers hope it can solve any dilemmas that may arise from this. This was emphasized by co-creator Jenviev Azzolin who told CBC: “It was about giving users more choice, the ability to connect anywhere through cloud and through the internet. We thought maybe there was the same opportunity for mobile.”

The service isn’t completely free to use as anyone using Pplconnect will have to pay a small rate for phone calls which starts at around 0.03c/minute.

It will be hard to see just how effective Pplconnect will be in the next year or so but giving users the ability to use their smartphone without having it present could make the app a best-seller over the next 12 months.

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