Kik Messenger ends 2013 on high after reaching 100 million users

by Andrew Roach on December 23, 2013

Despite some of the country’s biggest tech names struggling in 2013, the year has also seen other Canadian start-ups flourish into industry leaders adored by millions around the world.

The latest company to do just this is mobile messaging platform Kik as the company ended an impressive year by revealing that they had reached over 100 million users on their service.

Having been some way behind their rivals this time last year, the company’s success has seen their user-base skyrocket by 233% over the last twelve months.

It’s an incredible achievement for the Waterloo company who have overtaken many of their major rivals over the past year including BBM who helped pioneer the entire industry several years ago.

By reaching the 100 million user milestone, Kik have proven that there is plenty of success to be found in the mobile market despite firms not posting large profits that resemble their large user base.

After all, the company was able to overtake rivals such as Blackberry Messenger in overall user numbers even if they posted profits of just $32 million this year.

Despite this, Kik has still been attracting plenty of attention of several large venture capitalist firms who have helped fund the firm since it launched back in 2009.

In fact, their announcement was co-headline by the revelation that Ottawa based retail giant Shopify was going to invest $100m into the company.

The milestone has been met warmly by senior officials at the company who felt that their achievement was breaking relatively new grounds for Canadian tech firms. This was highlighted in comments made by founder and CEO Ted Livingston who told The Globe and Mail: “We’re probably one of two Canadian companies ever to get 100 million regular users.”

Having found huge popularity within both the US and Canada, the company will now be keen to set their sights on market leader WhatsApp who boast a user base of over 350 million people.

Although this target will certainly be a huge target to break, Kik’s success in 2013 shows that it could become a reality should things stay as they are.

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