Survey reveals that the weather was the most interesting apps for Canadians in 2013

by Andrew Roach on January 2, 2014

The weather has always been something that has captivated Canadians for hundreds of years whether it’s because of driving rains, freezing cold or scorching summers.

Well, this interest has continued strongly into the digital age as a new Ipsos survey has revealed that weather apps were the most accessed type of apps by mobile users across the country.

Having access to current facts seemed to be a huge trend in the survey with banking and news apps also seemingly popular over the past 12 months.

The results come as part of a much bigger survey by Ipsos who carried out polls in 27 different countries to see which apps people accessed most in the digital age.

Although it might not seem that surprising that the weather was the most popular app in Canada, the extent of its dominance was with around 47% of all survey participants agreeing that they most often visited a weather app.

This put Canada near the very top of the weather category which was topped by South Africa (56%) and nearly double that of the lowest ranked nation Saudi Arabia (22%).

After the weather, mobile banking seemed to be the next most popular use where 33% of the Canadian participants felt that they often checked their finances while news and sports apps were some way back with figures of just 25%.

Surprisingly, the lack of urgency about local news and affairs placed Canada as joint third last in the subject area for the entire world.

Despite the popularity of apps nationwide, many people still didn’t felt the need to use apps on a regular basis with a staggering 42% saying that they only used them when necessary and some of the programmes had specific purposes that couldn’t be categorised by the survey.

By seeing the vast difference in what apps Canadian users access on their mobile devices, it’s clear to say that simple topics such as the weather are much more accessible to the public and are the major backbone in the industry.

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