Blackberry looking for new celebrity endorser following end of Alicia Keys’ partnership

by Andrew Roach on January 3, 2014

Although Blackberry has suffered from severe financial problems over the past year and a half, the firm has still managed to receive plenty of endorsements from celebrities across the world.

Well, the smartphone manufacturer is now on the hunt to try and find more stars to back their mobile devices after the company ended their partnership with singer Alicia Keys.

The Grammy award winner has worked with the company over the past year acting as their global creative director for their Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Despite the announcement, Keys will continue to stay in the position until January 30 giving the Waterloo firm a month to find a suitable replacement.

Keys has been particularly active over the past 12 months appearing at numerous events sponsored by Blackberry and helping spread the word about products throughout several different media outlets.

The singer had not just acted as a spokesperson for the company though as the singer has been at several events where she was seen encouraging more women to get involved in the science and technology industries.

Despite the praise, there have been dubious moments in the partnership with there being several occasions where the singer has been discovered uploading posts on Twitter from an iPhone rather than either the Z10 or Q10 smartphones.

With Keys leaving the role, there are now plenty of speculation as to who, if anyone, will fill in as a celebrity backer for their smartphone.

Having lost hundreds of millions in the past few months, Blackberry is no longer in the position where they can go out of their way to spend millions paying celebrities to endorse their products.

Alongside that, the company are looking to particularly focus on their business and enterprise products over the next 12 months meaning that the style and flair that the company have been known for when promoting their products could be consigned to the history books.

No matter what happens in the next few months, the end of the Blackberry-Keys partnership will force the smartphone manufacturer into heading in a new direction to promote their products and services to the public.

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