Songza set to double its coverage in Canada in 2014

by Andrew Roach on January 9, 2014

With the digital streaming network just starting to take off “in Canada, it has opened the doors for firms to give a much greater focus on having a full service which users can access at any moment.

This is seemingly what music streaming service Songza intends to do in 2014 as the company announced that they intend to double the amount of content available to Canadian users.

Although there won’t be many new changes to the platform itself, the company are planning to try out several new initiatives which aim to promote the best in Canadian music.

Since it launched back in 2012, Songza has slowly grown into one of the nation’s most popular music streaming apps` with a user base of around 2.7 million users.

With Songza keen to expand in 2014, the company could are looking to expand in three main areas over the next 12 months – advertising, local content and expanding staff resources.

Indeed, senior organisers believe that promotional content from local companies could be the way forward with sponsored playlists and promotional events already in development for users to capitalise on.

This has already been dabbled with in recent weeks with the app recently having both WestJet and Febreze contributing specialist playlists that users could listen to during the back end of 2013.

The added attention from some of the nation’s biggest companies has allowed them to expand their backroom staff in recent months with Toronto radio mogul Alan Cross to become head of curation and look after new music being uploaded to the service.

With Cross now settled into his position, Songza is already moving to promote more local content by asking many of Canada’s top musical experts to compile separate playlists that promote many of the best new acts from across the country that listeners might enjoy.

It certainly seems that Songza is looking to make their presence felt across the country and with the likes of Pandora and Spotify yet to enter the market, now couldn’t be a better time for Songza to put themselves on top of the music streaming industry in Canada.

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