Yahoo alters website to bring in line with current tech trends

by Andrew Roach on January 20, 2014

Over the last few years, internet and mobile users have been accustomed to the look and feel of Yahoo’s pages which have always retained a similar look and feel to them.

However, the familiarity is seemingly gone as the US web giant has unveiled a new look for their websites on web and mobile browsers across the country.

On initial look, there aren’t that many changes to the home page apart from a few different shading colours but now the Canadian platform of Yahoo will now come up with links recommended especially for the user.

It’s a move that Yahoo will hope help stay as the fifth most visited website in the country with only Google, YouTube and Facebook being more popular.

The key to the recommended stories feature comes thanks to a technical change within the coding of the website which
is able to scan through cookies to find related content and reveal the latest news about the most popular search terms carried out by the user.

To get the best use of the feature, users are going to have to sign in via their Yahoo accounts or through a social media plug-in as that will give the new coding features more subjects that can be used as search terms.

In a statement made by the company after the new launch, many of Yahoo’s top figureheads were confident with what the new pages will achieve. This was underlined by Yahoo Canada’s Claude Galipeau who stated: “we’re trying to make sure we exploit the full characteristics of a tablet as well as a smartphone — and make sure the experience also works on desktop.”

Although the changes will most likely keep Yahoo visitors coming to the site, the web giant still will need to come up with more ways to lure people to their search platforms which just 2% of Canadians use – miles behind the 89% who use Google everyday.

With this in mind, Yahoo’s transformation will certainly help keep a strong presence in Canada thanks to a site now optimised for mobile devices but don’t expect a revolution that will knock Google off their perch anytime soon.

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