Target data breach could have an impact on Canadian shoppers

by Andrew Roach on January 21, 2014

It seems like we can’t pass a month by without some sort of major corporation suffering from a serious data breach that will impact upon thousands of its members.

Just 3 weeks into 2014 and the subject pops up again as retail giant Target has revealed that a major data breach could have exposed the financials details of its Canadian members.

The problems relate to any credit or debit card purchases made in Target Stores in the US from November 27 to December 15 of last year.

This latest announcement adds to the woes of the US department store who has already been trying to contain the damage and uproar coming from members within the US.

In the data breach, it seem that thieves have specifically targeted card transactions as the attack saw thieves gain hold of personal information relating to the user of that card.

Although it’s thought that no actual financial records were stolen in the attack, the thieves are thought to have gained access to both the cardholder’s name and basic contact information.

However, there is some relief to be had for Target members as the breach only occurred in the US meaning that Canadian stores were not affected by the problems.

This is because the Canadian store uses a different point of sale system to the ones used by their American counterparts making them immune to the problems that struck those south of the border.

However, the data breach has hit over 70 million users in Target stores over that time frame meaning that any Canadians who had visited one of the shops in America is now vulnerable to the attack.

Although the culprits and the data has yet to be recovered, senior officials from the department store are already looking to compensate those affected by the issue telling the press that they are creating a “a credit-monitoring offer for impacted Canadian guests.”

Despite the re-assurances of compensation by Target, the news that user’s private data has been stolen will pose more questions about just how safe our personal data is from hackers no matter who it might be with.

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