Report reveals that elderly Canadians are still trying to get a grasp of smartphone boom

by Andrew Roach on January 22, 2014

Although many of us have welcomed smartphones and other modern devices into our lives with open arms, many elderly residents remain sceptical about the need for the gadgets in our daily lives.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a new report has revealed that just 13% of residents aged over 68 own or use a smartphone in their daily lives.

It’s a stark contrast to other generations where at least five times as many people own or use smartphones throughout the day to make calls or access the internet.

The survey was part of a report carried by the Media Technology Monitor who analysed the different use of technology by different age groups across the country.

When looking at the report’s findings, it doesn’t take long to realise just how differently older smartphone users act compared to younger users of the mobile device.

In perhaps the most shocking stat, just 7% of elderly users said that they used the phone to search the internet making them 8 times less likely to do so than their kids or grandchildren.

On top of that, only 17% of pensioners asked in the survey said they that regularly communicate via text messages unlike the 73% of people in other age groups who said that they talk to friends via SMS.

In a unique twist to the story, it seems that those who do own a smartphone have opted to get an iPhone which was slightly more popular than both Android and Blackberry devices which were tied in the findings.

There was one positive to be taken out of the survey though as it has emerged that more elderly residents were now owning cell phones in general with around 63% of all participants now owning one to use when need be.

Although the gaps between the different generations are quite clear to see, it seems that modern devices such as smartphones are slowly starting to sit well with elderly residents so don’t be surprised to see these figures increased in the near future as society becomes more reliant on mobile devices.

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