Sex with Google Glass

by Matt Klassen on January 23, 2014

Sex with Google Glass—the very phrase is provocative and alluring, a blurring of technology and human connection, and it’s the tagline of a new application in development for the burgeoning realm of Google’s wearable technology. Dubbed Glance, the concept behind the app is simple enough, change the way people engage in their most intimate experiences by using point-of-view video feed technology to give the user the perspective of their partner, ostensibly putting yourself in your partner’s shoes as you’re knocking boots.

The app responds to vocal commands, compiles the various POV content into a video, and deletes everything automatically after five hours (unless instructed otherwise): both kinky and discrete.

But Google has made it abundantly clear that it will not host pornographic content for Google Glass on its app store, a problem for the developers trumped only by the fact that almost no one has Google Glass yet anyways. So in the meantime the developers are giving their sultry POV project a trial run on, surprisingly, the only platform more draconian than Google…Apple’s iOS.

If you were hoping for intimate details of how this application might be employed by two star-crossed lovers, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as I’m really only here to explore the significantly more boring technological side of this new development for wearable technology.

The app’s website makes it clear that developers are interested in pushing the traditional boundaries of how we experience sex, offering users a brand new perspective through the paradigm altering technology of Google Glass, offering users a chance to see things through their partner’s eyes…while checking their latest emails perhaps.

As I mentioned, given the current lack of distribution for Google Glass, the developers are first launching the project on Apple’s iOS, offering apps for the iPhone and iPad. While analysts have noted that choosing the most white-washed platform on the market to test such a provocative app is a strange choice, the developers insist that if it can get its application on to iOS, it can get it onto Google Glass. For you see, the application itself really has nothing to do with sex.

Now of course the developers are selling the app as such, an interesting POV sexual experiment, but truthfully all the application does is sync with another Google Glass, record and compile video, and delete it automatically afterwards, the content of said video is completely up to the user(s). It is this unique position that might allow this particular app to hit the mainstream, as there’s nothing that even says iOS or Android have to present it in any sexualized way.

But let’s be honest here, do we really need something that lets us ignore our partner completely during moments of incredible intimacy? Isn’t there enough wrong with sex already? I hope you’ll have to excuse my antiquated perspective, but in a world where the definition of intimacy between two people is already so skewed, do we really need something that furthers our narcissistic ability to focus primarily on ourselves? Further, before we get our hands on Google Glass, do we really think holding up a bulky iPad is going to make things more romantic in the bedroom?

In the end, I have to wonder just how far away we are from the dystopian vision of one of my favourite ‘90s action films, Demolition Man, wherein romantic partners depended solely on technology for such intimacy, a connected everything existence that only served to completely disconnect people from each other.

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