Blackberry provides free FM radio to users in latest Blackberry 10 software update

by Andrew Roach on January 29, 2014

Over the past year or so, it’s fair to say that consumers haven’t been awed by any of the new devices</a that have been presented to them by Blackberry when they first hit the market.

Instead, the smartphone manufacturer has introduced software features that have struck the mark with users some time after they have already gotten used to their device albeit if it’s through BBM Channels or other app programs.

Now, Blackberry are up to the same tricks again as they revealed that the latest software update will allow users to listen to FM in most of the newest smartphones for free and without the need to have a data connection.

It’s a move that will make device such as the Z30 and the Q5 unique to the market as no other smartphones have this ability including the latest iPhones and top Android devices.

It might initially seem like a bizarre time to introduce such but it is seemingly” title=”Blackberry Looks for Hope this Holiday Season”> an ace that Blackberry has had up their sleeves for quite a while now.

This is because models such as the Z30 and the Q10 all have FM Tuners built into the phone itself and the latest update for Blackberry 10 will activate and allow them to work anywhere in the world.

It is a particularly smart move considering that radio apps proving to be high in demand yet cuts out the problem of having to manage high data limits.

On top of that, no other systems have this feature with iPhones never embracing physical radio while Samsung have phased out the feature in their Galaxy range of devices just like many of their Android cousins.

There are a couple of other features in the update that will please Blackberry users such as a new battery efficiency mode which allows users to see which active apps are using up the highest amounts of the device’s battery.

Alongside that, the phone is now able to save web pages onto the phone’s memory meaning that it can be viewed without the need to have a physical web connection.

Once again, it seems that Blackberry’s software updates are providing the features that most users will enjoy and the functionality of these new modes will almost certainly help them retain the dedicated user base that they already have.

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