Almost half of all Canadians would sell their digital information to a third party

by Andrew Roach on January 31, 2014

With many of the major data scandals involving private user information, many of us automatically assume that we would be offended and upset with unauthorised users accessing our private information.

However, a new survey has revealed that many Canadians would actually be willing to sell all of their digital information onto a company they felt they could trust with it.

In the results, 45% of all respondents believed that they would be happy to at least sell some of the information provided that the buyer offered a suitable price and promise to look after it.

The results emerged as part of a survey carried out by Microsoft who asked 9000 people globally about how they would treat data used on mobile phones and the internet.

It’s an interesting issue thrown up by Microsoft’s survey especially when a large group of people would be willing to sell on all their information.

In fact, 32% of all respondents said that they would sell on all of their information to a company if they could guarantee confidentiality and offer a fair price for it.

Although many people weren’t sure about how they would go about selling their personal data, many people seemed to be inclined to want a considerable amount for it with the average price falling just over $2,000.

Unsurprisingly, it was the younger generation who were much more open to selling their information to companies as many older respondents seemed to be much more protective over who access their personal data.

The results in the survey didn’t surprise authority figures who believed that the general public knew what they were worth and would only sell something on if they knew they were doing. This was highlighted by comments made by interim privacy commissioner Chantal Bernier who told CBC: “Canadians yes, want to remain in control. They understand there is a monetary value to their personal information and they want to make sure they get their value for it.”

Overall, it seems that many people are willing to part with their information if the price is right but many people may want to remain vigilant just in case any rogue parties look to get other ideas to exploit users in the future.

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