Woz: Apple Should Create an Android Phone

by Matt Klassen on February 7, 2014

Apple produce an Android phone? It’s tech heresy of biblical proportions, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s suggestion in an interview published yesterday in WIRED that his former company expand its purview beyond its own iOS and iPhone world and delve into the Android ecosystem. But as crazy as it sounds, Woz believes that it’s the next logical step for Apple, one made not out of desperation, but out of a desire to cover all its bases.

“There’s nothing that would keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market,” said Wozniak–who, it should be noted, is not involved in the daily workings of the company. “We could compete very well. People like the precious looks of stylings and manufacturing that we do in our product compared to the other Android offerings. We could play in two arenas at the same time.”

Truth be told, its hard to argue with Wozniak’s logic, as should Apple bring its distinct iPhone form factor into the Android world I think it would do very well. But logic is one thing, reality is something very different, and given the aversion both sides of this mobile OS fight have for each other, its unlikely Apple would ever have the desire (or the backbone) to cross the battle lines.

While admittedly an unlikely prospect, there’s nothing that is stopping Apple from adopting Android as a tertiary platform. As we all know, Android is an open-source operating system available to almost anyone to adopt and develop. In fact, like Amazon, Apple could fork Android to create its own version of the OS that mirrors its own user interface: Android with an Apple aesthetic, if you will.

Given that Apple’s iPhones have always had a thoughtful, sleek, and intuitive design, if the Cupertino giant did release an Android phone some might be willing to forego their intense hatred for Apple on its refreshing styling alone.

As mentioned, in Woz’s mind such a move is not a desperate measure made necessary by slumping interest in Apple’s own iPhone brand, far from it in fact. To him, a move into the Android ecosystem as a secondary phone seems a logical extension of the company’s overall brand.

But there are few other companies in the world that have created and maintained their own closed system the way Apple has, the company priding itself on the fact that it controls all facets of the development process for its mobile devices. Therefore, as CNET writer Chris Matyszczyk quips, venturing into Android territory would interfere with the company’s famed closed ecosystem, the one that promises, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

In the end, while Woz’s comments about Apple are about as likely as seeing pigs fly, such heresy may actually spur some lively debate in this area, helping Apple to remember what made it successful to begin with and allowing Android users to remember just how much they hate the Cupertino tech giant.

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