Telus and Koodo network issues resolved after weekend issues

by Andrew Roach on February 10, 2014

Network issues are always a major inconvenience for customers and those that occur over the weekend often cause even more fuss and frustration for the provider.

Telus was the latest to suffer from this indiscretion as both their and Koodo’s network went down on Friday causing disruption for hundreds of thousands of users.

However, the networks have managed to overcome the problems and have since revealed that all the issues have been resolved over the weekend.

It comes as many of Canada’s biggest metropolitan areas were hit by the outage just before the afternoon rush causing some users to question what went wrong the other day. After the problems was announced, it quickly emerged that Telus and Koodo customers were unable to make any calls from their phones or access data based services.

Most of the problems occurred in urban areas with cities in Alberta, British Columbia and Southern Ontario all affected on Friday afternoon.

It’s not quite clear how many users were affected by the outage but an initial investigation found that the outage was due to a series of technical difficulties.

Although the problem only lasted an hour and a half, the firms were quick to react to any customer conncerns using social media to post updates on the situation.

This was confirmed via Telus’ Twitter feed where they quickly dealt with customers fears stating “We apologize for the inconvenience” to concerned users.

With the problems fixed by around 4.30ET on Friday, it seems that any criticism aimed towards the networks was quickly silenced as the matter fixed itself.

It’s understandable that problems are going for networks from time to time and Telus will hope that their latest incident will not stop their customers from losing faith in either them or Koodo Mobile.

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