Weon Offers a Discretely Different Take on Smartglasses

by Matt Klassen on February 28, 2014

If you want smartphone connected glasses yet don’t want that social stigma that currently accompanies such awkward and often gaudy wearable technology, well perhaps the subtle classic design of the smartphone-connected Weon smartglasses is for you. Designed by Ion Eyewear, the Weon smartglasses are essentially a standard eyeglass frame with one arm hollowed out to hold the electronics, which blinks an LED light on the side of the frame when a notification hits the accompanying smartphone.

While such a low tech wearable solution may seem almost boring to some—with no intrusive heads-up-display, no laundry list of annoying verbal commands to remember, and no apps (sexy or otherwise)—that’s exactly what Ion Eyewear is going for: glasses for the everyman, instead of those aptly named snobbish yet geeky ‘glassholes.’

In fact, while Weon can’t record what you’re seeing, while it can’t spice up the romance in the bedroom, and while it can’t obscure your vision and make you incredibly annoying, that is sort of the point. In an age where people are increasing foregoing acceptable social etiquette in favour of constant connection Weon offers the public something that Google’s Glass project simply can’t deliver: discretion.

But just how important is discretion to today’s modern tech using public? Far greater than one might think, at least according to Ion. To that end, the company’s Weon glasses are aimed at the technological everyman, the regular old eyeglass wearing public, not technophiles or hip early adopters, conventional eyeglass frames that provide a useful “conduit to smartphone alerts.”

Connecting to Apple’s iOS via a Bluetooth wireless connection, users can set Weon’s LED light to illuminate in a veritable rainbow of colours, programming the basic alert on the frames through the company’s companion app and custom colour-coding various times of notifications.

Speaking of ‘companion’, in addition to offering a certain attractive discretion with its classic eyeglass styling, Ion has taken the notion of Weon as a “companion device” back to its basics, because really that’s all wearable technology is anyways. While Google Glass offers more bells and whistles than one knows what to do with, it is, at its core, simply an extension of one’s smartphone, and flashy heads-up-display instead of a standalone mobile product.

Weon plays the same sort of role as a hands-free companion, allowing users to stay connected to their smartphone without constantly having to actually look at their smartphone.

While still in its prototype stages, Ion Eyewear expects Weon to hit the mobile market in just over a year, just enough time for every other tech company to race through the research and development phases for its own version of such simplified wearable technology.

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