The Donald ‘Hounding’ Apple for Larger iPhone

by Matt Klassen on March 26, 2014

While I’ve learned to tune out the unrelenting narcissistic drone of billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump, I will admit that with his image saturated across almost all markets, a multitude of TV shows, and everything else in between its sometimes difficult to avoid The Donald. But while I cringe at being yet another media type to feed his insatiable ego, I had a very interesting tweet come across my desk yesterday, Trump letting slip a forthcoming large screen (perhaps phablet) iPhone…and taking credit for it too.

“I wonder if Apple is upset with me for hounding them to produce a large screen iPhone. I hear they will be doing it soon — long overdue,” the vainglorious Trump tweet read.

Now I suppose neither of those things are really a surprise, as rumours of a large screen iPhone from Apple have been circulating for some time now, and taking credit is really what Trump does, but if the tweet is true it would seem that Apple truly needed some coaxing to consider venturing into such a niche market, and who better to do so than the man who invented sliced bread?

While its true that no one has seen or heard anything about Apple’s latest iPhone, the fact that Donald Trump is trumpeted the news to the world means one of two things to me: either he actually used his influential and relentless nattering to convince Apple CEO Tim Cook to venture beyond Apple’s traditional iPhone form factor, or The Donald simply wants a larger screen iPhone and he knows by using his soapbox to announce ones coming puts Apple in a tight spot; deliver one or look silly.

But I suppose there’s a viable third option in all this: that Trump is simply full of hot hair, voicing his opinions about things he knows nothing about, trying to influence projects and companies that really don’t want anything to do with him in the first place. Wait, Trump wouldn’t do that, would he?

Now this isn’t the first time Trump has publicly called on Apple to produce a larger iPhone. In October of last year he let fly the tweet: “As an addition, Apple must go to a larger screen now — asap! They’re losing their standing in the market!”

Of course before I say Trump is way off base, it is actually true that Apple is losing its standing in the market, the luster finally wearing off of the company’s polished veneer. The iPhone is no longer the must have phone it once was, and Samsung is showing that offering high end devices to fill every market niche is really the way forward in today’s global smartphone market.

But that said, if Apple is listening to Trump, if Cook is bending to the will of The Donald, I would say that the future of the company is far grimmer than I ever thought. If Apple does indeed produce a larger iPhone I pray to the gods of the mobile world that Donald Trump had nothing to do with it, for Apple’s sake…and for ours’.

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