Amazon Said to Be Releasing Smartphone in June, and Shipping in September

by Istvan Fekete on April 14, 2014

Rumours about Amazon’s smartphone have previously appeared sporadically in the past, with tech blogs speculating as to whether the online retail giant will make the move or not. Fact is, smartphone adoption is currently above 60% in the US, so you may well ask if the online retail giant would be able to secure a place in a market alongside established players, such as Apple, Samsung, and others.

The latest information leak comes from sources briefed on the company’s plans, who say Amazon will release a smartphone in the second half of 2014, with shipping starting by the end of September.

But what can Amazon bring to stand out in an already crowded smartphone market? According to people familiar with the matter, Amazon hopes to distinguish its handset with a screen capable of displaying seemingly three-dimensional images without the need to wear special glasses. Also, the smartphone would employ retina-tracking technology –for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is also rumoured to include this technology – embedded in four front-facing cameras or sensors, to make some images appear to be 3D, similar to a hologram, sources added.

Amazon’s move is part of the company’s push for hardware releases: after the successful Kindle Fire, the retail giant has recently introduced the Amazon FireTV, a set-top-box focusing on the living room as well as gaming. The latter (gaming) will be in focus when designing the smartphone, so gamers can expect a neat handset, at least according to sources speaking to the WSJ.

Now, it will be interesting to see if Amazon is able to grab market share, and how it will position itself in the highly competitive landscape. We saw how BlackBerry failed to gain traction with its latest BB10 smartphones, but Amazon could be one step ahead. The logical move would be a handset running Android, even if a custom version as with the Kindle Fire and FireTV.

But sources are silent about both the operating system and the wireless players the company might have opened talks with. What they did whisper, though, is that Amazon has ordered roughly 600,000 units from its display-maker partners.

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