Rogers Deploys its 700 MHz Spectrum

by Istvan Fekete on April 18, 2014

Just a few months after acquiring it, Rogers, Canada’s No. 1 wireless player, has flipped the switch on its 700 MHz spectrum, the company announced yesterday. As a result, Rogers customers can now access the Internet and stream videos even when they are located deep inside buildings, basements, or elevators, thanks to the valuable airwaves the wireless player has acquired.

You may recall that Rogers outspent every participant going after premium spectrum in each region. The carrier’s single target was obvious: to get the highest quality spectrum in order to deliver the best user experience – according to a company press release following the spectrum auction results.

Also, the Rogers announcement points to several facts that demanded additional spectrum for carriers to grow: first of all, mobile video is exploding, with 700% growth over the past three years thanks to the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, as Ooyala’s Q4 2013 Global Video Index reveals. Secondly, three out of four Canadians have streamed a video on their smartphone or tablet, and 20% do it daily, according to Google data.

“With our beachfront spectrum, we’ll deliver the ultimate mobile video experience to our customers in even more places where they couldn’t access LTE before,” said John Boynton, executive vice president, CMO, Rogers Communications.

The Rogers launch follows Bell’s move. Canada’s No. 3 wireless player was the first to deploy the 700 MHz spectrum it acquired, and did so in Upper Hamilton early in April, a day after the deadline for companies to pay the remaining 80% balance of their spectrum purchase.

Bell managed to grab paired A+B spectrum in Northern Québec and Northern Ontario, and C-block spectrum in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, and Southern Ontario.

For the first rollout in Upper Hamilton, Bell uses C spectrum, a paired 6 × 6 MHz block, as the majority of Bell smartphones are compatible with it.

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