Amazon Wearable Tech Outpost Offers Products and Education

by Matt Klassen on May 1, 2014

In an attempt to capture the initial hype and educate the public surrounding the burgeoning wearable technology sector Amazon launched its Wearable Technology section earlier this week, an online storefront exclusively for wearables. The store exists as a subsection of its larger Amazon e-commerce site but offers a focus on not only wearable technology products, but on wearable technology education as well.

“Right now, there is major confusion regarding the functionality of each device, and which one you should buy,” Colin House, CEO and founder of Sleep Genius, told the E-Commerce Times. “I think an online store dedicated to wearable tech might reveal what is truly lacking about the space,” he added.

Simply put, for a market as new as wearable technology the reality is that most don’t know the products that are out there, and the small percentage of the population who have heard of wearables likely only know about the most popular gadgets. Further, with bad press surrounding devices like Google Glass—an awkward ambassador for wearable tech—it’s about time the public realized there’s more to the wearables segment than gaudy eyewear.

“Wearable technology is an exciting category with rapid innovation and our customers are increasingly coming to Amazon to shop and learn about these devices,” John Nemeth, Amazon’s director of Wireless and Mobile Electronics, said in a statement.

“We’re thrilled to bring our customers a store with the largest selection and great prices that helps eliminate the guesswork when deciding which wearable devices best fit their needs — whether that is tracking activity, staying connected through smart watches, or capturing their next adventure with wearable cameras.”

The specified portal includes a number of categories within the wearable tech segment itself: Fitness & Wellness, Healthcare, Wearable cameras, Smartwatches, and products for Family, Kids & Pets. The site will contain not only the more recognizable names in the market like Samsung, Jawbone and GoPro, but also feature newcomers like Narrative and Bionym.

While people are likely aware of smart glasses and smartwatches, there is a plethora of other technology that most likely don’t know about, from posture monitors, to fitness products, to action cameras.

As mentioned, the truly unique thing about Amazon’s Wearable Technology section is that it will provide education into the wearables market, with an Editor’s Corner featuring Gizmodo-sponsored content aimed at informing and educating shoppers. The inaugural issue features a gadget that coverts body heat into power.

But will Amazon’s dedicated portal to wearable technology be enough to kick start this tertiary tech market? While some point to such education and awareness as just the thing this burgeoning market needs, others are quick to point out that while such a site may be useful, what would truly spur on the wearables market are better more useful gadgets.

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