Quebecor to Decide National Wireless Strategy After Government Meeting

by Istvan Fekete on May 12, 2014

Regional wireless player Quebecor is yet to decide whether it will deploy its wireless service outside its home province of Québec. You may recall that when announcing the 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction results, the industry minister emphasized that Quebecor has emerged as the fourth national player, acquiring spectrum in key Canadian regions.

But the company’s CEO isn’t that certain about the company’s future expansion plans. As highlighted earlier, the wireless player isn’t satisfied with the current operating conditions, so company representatives will soon meet with the federal government.

“We expect to meet with the Canadian government soon in order to let them know what we assume to be the right conditions for us to operate a single service wireless business outside of our home territory,” Quebecor president and chief executive Pierre Dion said Thursday. “Its response will dictate our next step.”

As Dion highlighted, Quebecor is analyzing its options, but he didn’t specify the conditions the company needs to satisfy in order to expand its wireless service into multiple regions.

Quebecor is the owner of the region’s most-read tabloid newspaper and most-watched TV network, and it also operates a 24-hour news channel and the country’s third-largest cable service, as well as the wireless service brand Videotron, which is active in Québec.

The wireless player could go national, as it has acquired spectrum in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, alongside Québec. But since the spectrum auction has been over, Quebecor has been silent regarding its future plans.

“I’m confident that our team will manage the process rigorously and that should the plan make sense, we will get the right attention,” said Dion, adding that he expects to make a decision in a “few months.”

Quebecor reported its quarterly earnings earlier last week: revenue during the quarter was $1.04 billion, up $1% or $11.4 million. Its telecommunications segment revenue grew by $31.8 million, and its adjusted operating income by $21.9 million.

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