ShoreTel Tailors UC Solutions Specifically for Healthcare

by Matt Klassen on May 13, 2014

While not making the headlines of late, unified communications provider ShoreTel has quietly gone about building a business phone systems empire across the nation, offering cutting edge communication solutions to the enterprise sector. Late last week the company announced its latest initiative, a vertical sales program tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, offering dedicated solutions to hospitals, physicians, and extended healthcare providers.

With a dedicated team in place ShoreTel aims to provide the healthcare industry with some helpful communication tools. As Lance Mehaffey, MHA, healthcare vertical program manager for ShoreTel explains, “Electronic health record adoption, utilization measurement, and patient engagement are certainly a few of the top trends within the industry today.

Not only that, but ShoreTel is hoping to improve perhaps the most glaring weakness of a highly specialized medical industry, sharing information between multiple healthcare providers. As Mehaffey notes, perhaps “the more significant driver is clinical transformation. By merging collaboration technologies, care pathways, and human interactions, all provider types can transform how care is delivered and continuously improved. The capabilities of ShoreTel are tightly aligned with these transformative industry initiatives and objectives.”

Often a quiet leader in the unified communication solutions sector, ShoreTel is pioneering a trend that I hope we see more of from established telecom solution providers going forward, communication solutions uniquely tailored to specific industries. The company’s mobility services, contact centre, IP systems, its Sky phone service, and its voice and web conferencing services can all be utilized by hospitals, doctors, and extended healthcare to improve care coordination, collaboration, and improve patient services.

For ShoreTel, the company is hoping that it can use its nationwide presence and solid reputation coupled with its dedication to the healthcare industry specifically to establish a firm foothold, perhaps leading to other such endeavours in other such industries going forward.

“Leveraging a client base of close to 1,000 providers across these three segments along with a strong partner/reseller community representing ShoreTel in this vertical, this dedicated program is a natural evolution of our go-to-market sales model,” said Shane Harper, director of vertical programs at ShoreTel. “The company now has a formal team in place, and is broadening its reach through a variety of partner enablement and industry activities.”

Not only that boasting the quality of its focused communication solutions, ShoreTel is touting the affordability of its services as well, particularly for an industry like healthcare that is continually trying to control costs.

While there are undoubtedly mobile, tech, and other solutions specifically geared towards healthcare already on the market, what we don’t often see is a company dedicating itself to providing focused and uniquely tailored solutions to a specific industry such as this, company’s often opting instead to provide cookie cutter solutions to as broad a consumer base as possible. Simply put, specialized industries like healthcare need specialized communication solutions, largely untapped markets just waiting for advanced communication solution providers like ShoreTel.

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